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Special Price

Welcome to the special price section of our website! You still find all costumes in the rental pages at full price because they are high quality costumes, but Francesco decided to sell them at a low price to leave place and grow his creativity! Browse and… hurry! As always they are unique pieces!
As for all items on sale, the price indicated is VAT included. By completing the online order you will have to add shipping costs. In case the package exceeds the size of 50x50x50cm, the shipping costs will be recalculated and will be communicated by email. Once you have completed your online order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the authorization to charge the amount to the credit card entered for payment. Only after our verification of the actual availability of the order, the cost of the goods and shipping will be charged to your credit card and you will receive an e-mail confirming the actual charge. The dress is only available in the size and finishes you see in the picture, any change will be priced apart! 
If at the reception of the costume you will not be satisfied you have a week to return it. Shipping costs will be borne by you and will be deducted half the value of the costume paid as rental cost for the days that the costume was not available in the atelier.