A precious collaboration

After the 1966 flooding the American community founded an association that had as its goal the recovery of funds to restore works of art of the martyred city.

Once the emergency was over, the foundation decided to carry out other restoration projects, widening the number of members to all lovers of Venice, adopting works of art that needed urgent maintenance and restoration, to bring them back to life thanks to the spontaneous commitment of supporters.

This year there was a new “Acqua Granda”, a fooding. Like 53 years ago, on November 13th, Venice woke up on its knees. Many historic buildings damaged, most of the city’s artisan realities unable to continue their work.

You can imagine with how much pride we announce that, on the proposal of the Foundation, a part of the rental of the carnival costumes for the associates, will be devolved to the Foundation that will use them for interventions in Venice.

Atelier Pietro Longhi, always attentive to Venetian know-how and culture, is therefore happy to announce this precious collaboration, because by saving the intangible asset “Carnival”, it will contribute to the rebirth of Venetian material goods that build  the dreams of people all over the world.

To book a costume you can visit the site:


and follow the indications!