A great 2015 – A period of activities and successes

Summarize in eight images a period so intense for the Atelier Pietro Longhi is so difficult! We can start from participation at the exhibition “Treasures of the Buccellati’s Foundation “: the halls of Palazzo Pitti welcomed a costume made by Francesco Briggi, replica of a dress worn by Eleonora de’ Medici represented in a portrait by Pourbus the Younger.
In a sacred place for the history of Italian fashion, among the creations of fine jewelry, representing the Italian jewelry, the historical workshop of Atelier Pietro Longhi, synonymous of culture, rediscover the everyday dimension of luxury in the first half of the XVIth cent.

Venice is carnival, and Atelier Pietro Longhi is Venice! Also this year the Eagle of the Venice carnival was dressed by Francesco Briggi. A unique experience, a super woman with her courage and enthusiasm has involved all of us. The beauty comes from the soul, born from the look, the smile. Giusy Versace is pure beauty, her enthusiasm is contagious! Wearing a costume designed and made by Francesco Briggi she flyed from the 80 meters of the San Marco’s bell tower to a crowd that awaited her joyfully. An example of courage, love and freedom, represented by the colors chosen by the artistic director of the carnival of Venice, Davide Rampello, refering to the discreet but big innovator of Renaissance’s art: Lorenzo Lotto. The creativity of Francesco Briggi was entirely expressed realising the dress that closed the Venice Carnival 2015: the Empress of China combined with a Venetian noblewoman of the Middle Ages. Haute couture , precious materials produced in the lagoon, gave life to an exclusive dress that represent the meeting of two cultures wich continues over hundred of years and on which Venice has built its greatness. The Maria of the Carnival of Venice 2015 represent not only the continuity of venetian traditions, the pure spirit of Venice , the beauty of the lagoon, but also a meeting of cultures which in the hands of Francesco Briggi from an idea becomes reality.

Atelier Pietro Longhi is not only the official aspect of the city of Venice and its culture. Is also the life in the palaces, the famous events fulfill to come true the dreams of the visitors of the Serenissima. Palazzo Papadopoli, Palazzo Pisani Moretta, the new Marriott or a private yacht different places, different directions and artists involved because the dream is always different! The Atelier Pietro Longhi’s staff does not work to realize their dreams, but to give life to the ones that, from all over the world, comes in the city where everithing can come true!