Among the stars with Galileo Galilei

A month of filming in Veneto, Tuscany and Lazio to follow the most important scientist of all time: Galileo Galilei. He introduced the scientific method, in a society where censorship opposed scientific innovation. In the Baroque Italy of Bernini and Borromini, among the innovative works of Caravaggio, the noble Galileo lived in several courts. Among which the Medici’s , the one of the Doge of Venice, and Pope Barberini’s, the protector who abandoned him to build the “Baroque Rome”.

A long documentary, commissioned for Atlantis Film, will be distributed on the ZDF and Arte channels, was written and directed by Eike Schmitz, with interviews by Sybille Aderi, Raffaele Dessì, Tim Florian Horn. A big challenge for Francesco Briggi who had to create costumes that showed an evolution of fashion of almost eighty years in an Italy that was changing the history of art, architecture and painting. Thanks to his knowledge and culture, he showed that Atelier Pietro Longhi remains a point of reference for international productions as an ambassador of Venetian craftsmanship, taste and quality.

(Italiano) il corteo dogale

The Atelier Pietro Longhi is the only private atelier that can boast the entire reproduction of the Venetian Dogal Court of the second half of the 1500s.

Taken from the famous print kept at the Museo Correr in Venice, over 80 costumes recreate the most important moment of the Venetian public ceremony. of the Renaissance, when the Doge showed himself with his triumphs in Piazza San Marco.

Exposed twice in public, the first time in Pordenone, the second in the halls of the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, requiring large spaces. For this reason usually the entire exhibition was chartered for historical re-enactments, thus giving life to completely made clothes and accessories by Francesco and Anna Briggi.