Atelier Pietro Longhi next appointments

Twenty-nine years of experience, to create the best crafts for the historical re-enactment. Hats, socks, militaria, costumes. All that a re-enactor of any age can desire can be accomplished by Francesco and Anna. We wait for you at the next fairs, where we will bring accessories of every age. We will be there, and you?

You will find us in Fulda, an ancient city in the center of Germany, always a place of exchange. With its baroque castle, designed in the first half of the 18th century by an Italian architect, thanks to the annual Fair the relationship between Italian excellence and the German land is renewed in the stand of the Atelier Pietro Longhi.
On 12 and 13 August, come and visit us and for the re-enactors we will bring many products otherwise available for purchase only on our website!

From 28 September to 2 October we will be in Venice, participating in the first exhibition of high Italian craftsmanship. An important event, where you can meet, talk with us, see how they decorate and finish hats and accessories, but above all you can admire live and up close those costumes that have brought the creations of Francesco Briggi in museums and documentaries!

At the same time in Minden, Francesco will bring the Venetian craftsmanship to the most important exhibition for re-enactors in Europe. Marche de l’histoire de Minden, 30 September, 1 and 2 October.

Last appointment of the season the fair Usi & Costumi, dedicated to Italian re-enactors returns to its headquarters in Ferrara, showing the beauty of culture, history, Italian craftsmanship to lovers of historical reconstruction.

Atelier Pietro Longhi: Next appointments

After the carnival, begin Atelier Pietro Longhi’s appointments for the dissemination of the Italian culture of the handmade. Francesco and Anna Briggi, that are one of the most important representatives artisans in the world of re-enactment, are involved in many markets around Europe!

Here you have our next appointments, ranging from France, Germany, the Netherlands! Follow us, and of course order the unique products that distinguish Atelier Pietro Longhi’s quality brand!


First appointment is Armi & Bagagli, the Piacenza fair that recalls re-enactors from northern Italy, Switzerland, France and Spain. An unmissable event for those wishing to complete their own clothes!


After let see at Marché de l’Histoire de Compiègne, 13 e 14 April 2019


Another Italian appointment: Eliopoli, Terra di confine.

Re-enactment of the XVII cent. and artisan market 26/27/28 April 2019. Terra del Sole, Castrocaro Terme


Historisches Burgfest in Burghausen

First international event: Historisches Burgfest in Burghausen, Re-enactment of the Renaissance and artisan market, 13/14 Luglio 2019. Burghausen (D)


Zeitreise ins 18. Jahrhundert

You will find us also in the biggest re-enactment appointment for the Baroque period in Zeitreise ins 18. Jahrhundert, 10/11 August 2019. Scloss Fasanerie, Fulda (D)


Lebendige Barocktage Schloss Bueckeburg

Re-enactment of the XVIII cent. and artisan market, 7/8 Settembre 2019,Bueckeburg (D)


Marché de l’histoire

artisan market for re-enactors 5/6 Ottobre 2019, Minden (D)


De Slag om Grolle

re-enactment of the XVII cent. and artisan market, 18/19/29 Ottobre 2019, Groenlo (N)


Last appointment is “Usi & Costumi”, in Ferrara (Italy), the 9th and 10th of November, a multi era market.