Atelier Pietro Longhi next appointments

Thirty years of experience, to create the best artisanal works for historical re-enactment. Hats, socks, caps, militaria, costumes. Everything that a re-enactor of any era could desire can be achieved by Francesco and Anna. We look forward to seeing you at the next fairs, where we will bring accessories from every era. To allow you to celebrate our 30th anniversary with us, we will also carry clothes at reduced prices!

First appointment at Compiegne, al Marché de l’ Histoire, il 20 e 21 of April:



In August you will find us again in Fulda, the ancient city in the center of Germany, which has always been a place of border and exchange. With its baroque castle, designed in the first half of the 18th century by an Italian architect, thanks to the annual fair the relationship between Italian excellence and German land is renewed in the stand of the Atelier Pietro Longhi.

On August 10th and 11th, come and visit us and for re-enactors we will bring many products that can otherwise only be purchased on our website!


This year there will be one of the most anticipated biennial events in all of Germany, the Venetian fair in Ludwigsburg, we couldn’t miss it after having exported Anna’s hats and accessories made by Francesco in the baroque heart of the city for twenty years. Germany! From 6 to 8 September:



The last event of the season, the Usi & Costumi fair, dedicated to Italian re-enactors, returns to its headquarters in Ferrara, showing the beauty of Italian culture, history and craftsmanship to lovers of historical reconstruction.