Venice 1600 Reborn

1600 is the culmination of the Venetian Renaissance, but is also the years since the foundation of the Serenissima. This is how birthday and rebirth coincide, and Heureka hotel decide to celebrate Venice, but also all those who love it.

A party out of the ordinary, where fire and water have come together. Where a young Europe asks Venice how to lead people in peace, and the Serenissima teaches her to appreciate gifts, to enjoy exchanges without preferences. Vulcano, Neptune, Venice and her heralds will build a better present for young Europe, looking towards the future of rebirth, with a surprise ending. After a walk through Venetian streets and squares, the doors of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia opened to welcome us, and then toast in the most original square in the entire city!

Thanks to Hotel Heureka for promoting and hosting the event, Simone Padovani for the photographs, Crisam make-up service for the artists’ make-up. Cover image graphic elaboration by Raffaele Dessì on an image by Pierluigi Lucietto

Voyage into great beauty: Venice

No more than a year ago, due to the pandemic that devastated the life of the entire planet, we had to change the way we live, communicate and create culture. In July 2020 we were involved in the first major post-pandemic production that was made in Italy, concerned a cultural program that brought museums and collection that were closed to the public into the homes of Italians. Thanks to Cesare Bocci, the RTI production, the director Roberto Burchielli and the authors of Real Life Television has therefore taken shape the episode on Venice of the “Viaggio nella grande bellezza” (Voyage into Great Beauty), broadcast on channel 5, with a maximum share that exceeded 10%. right in the part dedicated to the important city museum.

Dr. Dessì developed, in agreement with the production and the authors, a different way of presenting the fashion of the second half of the 1700s and one of the most important museums in the city, leaving the academic role wearing clothes and accessories that would bring the viewer directly to the baroque period. Paintings, furnishings, original architecture together philological reproductions of clothes and accessories therefore presented an era that from Ca’ Rezzonico, the XVIIIth century museum in Venice, then moved to the café that most of all represents serenissima: the Florian, which in 2020 celebrated its 300th anniversary.

For the presentation, special costumes were used, designed and realized by Francesco Briggi thanks the choice of each material and detail: the satin and silk lampas of Rubelli were flanked by the silk and cotton damasks of Como, the ancient hand-made laces to the glass micro-bead embroidery of the ‘impiraressa Marisa Convento. Dresses born from a choral work to show how costume is the art that involves all manufacturing traditions and the taste of a people, and at a single glance it is able to recreate and explain a culture that would otherwise be impossible to show.

An extract of the episode can be seen by following this link:

Carnival Of Venice: Official Dinner and Ball

The only official party of the Venice Carnival is held at Palazzo Vedramin Calergi.

The most beautiful palace on the Grand Canal, designed in the Renaissance embellished until the end of the 19th century, hosts a delicious placé dinner and entertainment with internationally renowned artists. The only obligation to participate is to be in costume, and Atelier Pietro Longhi, official supplier for years, offer a discount to all guests of the Official Dinner!

To book the evening or for more information visit the website:

Present the coupon that will be sent to you when booking the party and book your costume: a discount will be applied to you!

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ph: courtesy VELA

We moved!

The Atelier Pietro Longhi costumes warehouse has temporarily left the Venice Historic Center to approach the laboratories, which for the past seven years have been located in Noale.

It was now impossible to manage the large clientele of the tailor’s shop, the rentals for the numerous productions in the mainland, the exhibitions that are continuously organized on the national territory and the numerous fairs that Francesco and Anna animate throughout Europe. The movement of costumes with their accessories created too many transport and logistics problems. Naturally in February 2020, in conjunction with the carnival, the entire Pietro Longhi Atelier will return to Venice, in the most prestigious of the venues, the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, where you can find us with all our products for sale and rent from February 3 to 3rd March.

Customers who do not reach us at fairs or flea markets will be able to find our products on the e-commerce website

It is possible to visit the headquarters in Noale, where in addition to production there is a small showroom, but it will be necessary to make an appointment. The contacts remain the same, so for any information we are at your disposal!

See you soon, Francesco, Anna and Raffaele.

Rent your costume and enjoy your Venice experience!


“We are made of the same substance of dreams”

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… so l’et’s shape our desires, transform them into reality in the city where everything is possible! Marble palaces built on the water, frescoes that continuously change shape and colors thanks to the reflections of the lagoon.

Venice is the only place where you can be yourself wearing clothes from other eras: you can  be a medieval knight who fights dragons and wins battles, a Renaissance lady with rich clothes, or a baroque courtesan with her company of worshipers.

In Venice dreams are reality and Atelier Pietro Longhi offers everyone the chance to dream!