Smanie per la moda

25th of February 
The halls of the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista will host an original comedy that arises from the combination of several extracts from Goldoni’s works on the theme of fashion. Clothes are not only described in the directions, but often become the protagonists of entire comedies: “The yearnings for the holiday” revolve around the wardrobe of the two protagonists, the “bona mare” never misses an opportunity to film the son who mistreats his clothes , to then buy them new ones while making sacrifices, and in the “Rusteghi” the differences in the role of the protagonists in Venetian society are outlined by their clothing.

Drawing inspiration from the numerous staging for which the Atelier Pietro Longhi provided the costumes, Raffaele Dessì decided to combine several comedies highlighting a fundamental characteristic of Goldoni, its bringing back daily life, a possible reality, on Italian stages. and French. The scene will revolve around Carlo Goldoni, his deeply in love wife Nicoletta Conio and their hosts, the Centani family.

It will be the actors of the company “La Bautta” to give life to the characters. The company was founded in 1995 and in a short time becomes more and more a privileged interlocutor in the programming of theatrical seasons in various regional areas and in general in the realization of wider national cultural events.