St. Francis, the Saint from Assisi

Happens that hard works becomes an opportunity to develop a method which then marks a way of operating for everyone.

Thanks to the request for a philological reproduction of the habit that belonged to Saint Francis, we got in touch directly with the “La colombina” weaving mill of Badoere which supplied itself with raw yarn from the Lanificio Paoletti, and in this way we were able to use the Saint’s habit follow the entire production chain.

Once the fabric was obtained, Francesco analyzed and reproduced the cut of the original habit, and this is how a true philological copy of the original dress was created, faithfully reproduced in all its characteristics, even in the missing parts.

The habit will be on display until January 7, 2024, alongside the costumes from the film “San Francesco” by Zeffirelli, belonging to the Cerratelli foundation, and some rich original vestments, as well as works ranging from Caravaggio to the Gentileschi, from the Middle Ages to the present day .

Here is the link to the website of the diocesan museum of Freising where the exhibition is held: