Atelier Pietro Longhi’s chocolate: choices’ affairs!

It has become an untouchable tradition, the moment during carnival when friends share the experience of a moment of Beauty and Joy: the Atelier Pietro Longhi’s chocolate! We will be all protagonists of the Serenissima’s long story. Ladies who will tell stories absorbed among grotesques of 1500, stuccos of the 1600s, Baroque frescoes. We will spend the most beautiful day of the Venetian carnival in the most beautiful Renaissance private palace in the city, together with historical dancers, chocolate, golosessi and why not… Prosecco,. We are waiting for .You’ll be surprised of what you see in the most beautiful halls of the city: Nani Mocenigo Palace is the wonderful essence of Venice, as wonderful its guests are! The whole afternoon will cost € 80, and the historical costume is mandatory! Info and reservations: