“Ventennale” – 20 years of Atelier Pietro Longhi

Some speeches are made with the heart, like that of Francesco Briggi that, after twenty years, thanked those who supported him in the realization of a dream called Atelier Pietro Longhi


Good evening everyone and welcome. Here we are. The ten years that separate us from the first ten years of the birth of the Atelier Pietro Longhi have passed almost without realizing it. Twenty years and prove it! This phrase summarizes the history of the Atelier. I always thought that the goal of the first ten years was for me, for us, a goal desirable but not so obvious. Be here after twenty years makes me happy! Many things have changed, many things we have done, undone and rebuilt. Many times starting from scratch: inauguration in a small shop, then the big show room, then the division of productive workshop from the store, with the birth of a real hat factory, the prestigious tailoring in Zeno Palace, and finally, after yet another relocation and restoration, the last lay that I hope is definitive: the mainland and the lagoon. As for the ancient Venetian: lagoon represente the official soul of the atelier, the mainland is the productive and dynamic area.


To speak of the Atelier Pietro Longhi I use the plural. This should not seem like a “plural majestatis”, but it is the knowledge that my dream come true because it was shared and supported by all those who have collaborated in various ways to the growth and dissemination of the history of fashion, clothing and culture Venetian, Italian, within and beyond our borders.


I will not thank enough Anna, for her patience and sharing everything about the Atelier Pietro Longhi. Her role as hatter (crazy!) is unassailable as well as wife, counselor, mother, cook, vivandiere, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It is said that behind every great man there is always a great woman. Well I can confirm with absolute conviction. Without her, my dream would never come true and my gratitude go to her for what he has done, is doing and will continue to do. My family, fortunately always supported me. My mother taught me what he had learned from his mother and aunts. Has always followed me, as a child, making up suit like Zorro, Sandokan, obviously not to wear in carnival period as evidenced by the photos in our old photo albums! And of course I would like to thank all of you! You that tonight celebrate this milestone with us but every day support us and make sense to our sacrifices and work!