Private Events – February / March 2014

From February to today’s APL has directed a number of events, some of which we have decided to publish in our news. The annual chocolate (organized into the halls of one of the oldest buildings in the city of Venice, the only still inhabited by the family who founded it in XIVcent) is one of them. In the same room halls of Palazzo Zeno you can see from the Russian artist Mikhail Kemiachin to US journalist Jennifer Ecclestone, together to share the excitement with friends at least once a year, gather around the atelier! Another touching moment was set in the magnificent Palazzo Papadopoli on the Grand Canal in Venice Amman Resort. Just restored opened its doors for an exclusive and unforgettable evening of culture, under the direction of Raffaele Dessi for Atelier Pietro Longhi. Strong emotion was seeing a part of the procession of the Doge within one of the areas most representative of European culture, the cloisters of the Palladian church of San Giorgio Island. APL was guests of the Foundation that still manages these unique spaces of history and beauty. Dancing, playing, singing in places where clothes created by Francis Briggi find the perfect proportions an event to impress guests, as five hundred years ago … Celebration in Venice is synonymous with the Palazzo Pisani Moretta: here we are, with an ensemble of musicians from all over the world, to provide not only the clothes but also the ministry of hospitality and entertainment … These are just some of the memories of which the main characters are guests wearing the clothes of the Atelier Pietro Longhi enter a dimension where dreams and reality coexist.
Small videos of the night in San Giorgio Island: