“E2 for the love of art”

A successful collaboration between different artists, recreating the spirit of the academy where everyone can contribute in creating timeless art, is the project E2’s For The Love of Art. The brainchild of Elizabeth Kleinveld and Epaul Julien was born, therefore, a project where the love for the art is shared with other artists up to create works of art while respecting the classical canon reproduce current topics. The diversity and acceptance, the exchange of roles, a search for identity after centuries finds its dimension. The unique shots of Mauro Fiorese, one of the most famous itlaina photographer, costumes by Francesco Briggi come together to create what you have in mind E2. A project appreciated by one of the largest Italian critics of contemporary art, Francesca Pini, who fascinated by the work of this novel academy, dedicated an article to the project on his column in “Seven” magazine deepening of the Corriere della Sera.