The atelier

Twenty years ago the story of Atelier Pietro Longhi began. A story of hard choices in the name of quality, craftsmanship, costume culture. For this reason the Atelier is listed in the most important city guides as a reference for luxury craftsmanship bound for the estimators of the piece.In the worldwide bestseller “Inferno” by Dan Brown the bashful spirit of Francesco Briggi is well expressed, and his passion for creation can only happen in the great tailoring immersed in the nineteenth-century barn that also houses the only headgear of all the Veneto area. Summarize the history of the workshop is impossible, at least as much to say which is the most beautiful dress (“the next one” as Francesco always says!).From the continuous presence on the stage of the most prestigious Venice Carnival to the most important events that take place in the city, under the aegis of the institutions most caring of the preservation of quality craftsmanship, to construction of museum exhibits and implementation of events that will promote the workshop itself.