Celebrations and exclusive REENACTEMENT

The dress takes on its full meaning only when worn, and that is why with the help of Raffaele Dessì, long time partner of the Atelier, we develop private celebrations and public reenactement with the aim of recreating moments of fun, where the exclusive music, dance, theater and fashion become one to create unforgettable moments.
In the halls of palaces all over Europe, in Italian squares and museums, the staff of Atelier Pietro Longhi deals with treating from the preparation of the halls, to creating menus, to the writing of texts and directing that will shape the entire event, every time different, because different is the spirit, the place, and the theme of the celebration itself.

Here are some of the public events we attended and very often completely organized:

Carnevale di Venezia, Regata Storica di Venezia Festa del “Redentore”

Rievocazione Storica “Il passaggio di Caterina di Svezia a Ficarolo”

Rievocazione storica “Venezia 1848: i luoghi e i racconti”
Rievocazione storica “La festa del Duca: sipari ducali”. Urbino, two editions

Rievocazione storica “Alla corte del Doge”, city of Este, Padova, four editions

Opening of Museo dell’Aria, “Marengo 2000”

For private events you may see the pictures, and we invite you to those to come!