After almost three hundred years, for the first time in public, the Venetian King’s procession as described by Matteo Pagan in 1555 has come back to life, showing the Venetian wealth and power of the past. This is the latest of the re-enactment events that represent the heart and soul of the Pietro Longhi Atelier. Only in bringing back to life moments of the past does the work of the philological reconstruction of the costume find meaning! For this reason, for over fifteen years we have been creating unique events, in villas, palaces, parks, where for a few days we recreate the spirit of the past to allow us to get to know it and live it fully. Thanks to this experience gained through years of study and passion, more and more often the live event is accompanied by footage that, when spread, tells the story of the past, giving it life with vivid colors and emotions!

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