Atelier Pietro Longhi for culture

Each Atelier Pietro Longhi costume comes from a study that includes the universe that revolves around it. For this reason, the staff of the Atelier Pietro Longhi, is able to hold conferences and lessons for different levels of education on different themes: from tailoring to iconography, art, architecture, design, music, dance, contemporary fashion.

Thanks to a long curriculum that includes seven permanent exhibitions in Italian museums, lectures in prestigious universities and academies, conferences for important organizations and institutions, the atelier is a reference point for world fashion culture and home to training internships recognized in universities. from all over Europe as well as organizer of animated visits to museums for audiences of all ages.

The culmination of this work is the temporary exhibition “Fashion Stories”. Completely curated by the Pietro Longhi Atelier which from 2013 to date has been set up in various palaces and museums. Each time, thanks to the history of fashion, an original reading of the events that took place in the spaces that hosted the exhibition was presented, relating from the history of art to architecture, to the economy linked to the fashion world, one of the engines driving forces of the Venetian economy before and Italian today.