Raffaele Dessì

The latest to join the ranks of the Pietro Longhi Atelier, Raffaele began studying violin, piano and solfeggio at the age of six. At the age of 17, with studies of Phoenician-Punic epigraphy, he embarks on a path that will lead him to learn about research and reconstruction methods typical of archaeological training. After enrolling in the IUAV, faculty of Architecture, he continues to attend excavation and survey campaigns in international archaeological sites. Thanks to the maestro Mara Bortolato he gets closer to the study of historical music and dance. This brings together his passions, combining historical archive research with music and dance. At the age of nineteen he performed for the first time in St. Mark’s Square, and then continued on international stages from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Paris and Barcelona. After completing his university studies with a thesis on the iconography of the Venetian ceremonial of the late 1500s, he initially worked in architecture studios which he left following his passion for dance and entertainment, entering the universe of Atelier Pietro Longhi. Thanks to the support of Francesco and Anna, he produces direction for numerous re-enactment and non-re-enactment events, where culture and entertainment coexist within some of the most important buildings in Europe. Alongside the directing production there are lectures on the philological approach to historical re-enactment and on the evolution of fashion, held for institutions such as the Scuola Grande San Giovani Evangelista in Venice, ARS in Urbino, the Italian Cultural Institute in Helsinki, SLCM in Basel and Lugano, the History of Modern Art course at the IUAV. Thanks to his natural propensity for the development of style, he became a connoisseur of fashion up to the most recent trends, arriving at the writing for Skira of a chapter for the catalog of the permanent exhibition at Palazzo Pitti “The treasures of the Buccellati Foundation”. Many presentations for Venezia da Vivere of many international and Venetians luxury brands alongside the executive production with research from sets to furnishings and furnishings with critical reading texts for documentaries produced by ZDF, Arte, Canale 5, Rai.