Francesco Briggi

Since he was a child, Francesco had a passion for costumes. From Zorro to Hussar the step is short. Even following his course of studies and professional choices far from the world of historical attire, the preparation of his carnival costume took up the whole year! But passions, when they are true, cannot be contained: Francesco, with the support of his wife Anna, begins the adventure in the world of costumes. More than twenty-five years have passed since November 26th, 1994. Years of satisfaction, fears and sharing with the thousands of customers and friends who from all over the world encourages him to continue in this splendid adventure by exporting Francesco’s creations to stages, palaces and mansion, and public and private collections. Years of study and continuous maturation, during which the innate taste was flanked by always superfine tailoring techniques and the rediscovery of a forgotten cut to be recovered not only with patience, but also with the innate ability to adapt the historical cut to the bodies of today. For this reason, for years for various national networks such as ZDF, ORFF, Arte, it has been producing costumes for documentaries and productions, combining historical style and the spirit of the time it reproduces. This is the difficult task that Francesco faces every day: combining his taste and history with the dreams of those who will wear the suit. A task that twenty years of success encourage forward, passing knowledge to future generations thanks to the lessons in the Academies and to the constant presence of students who from all over Europe come to learn historical tailoring in the large country villa where Francesco has decided to move the atelier. Surrounded by greenery, where he can find the relaxing silence necessary to find inspiration, taking care of a garden of which every essence has a meaning for Francesco, his creativity has found the right dimension, away from the chaos of Venetian colors and beauty that inebriate and confuse.