Pietro Longhi Atelier

More than twenty-five years ago, thanks to the tailor Francesco Briggi, the history of the Atelier Pietro Longhi began. A story made up of difficult choices in the name of quality, craftsmanship and costume culture. Thanks to this, the atelier is cited by admirers of the unique piece as a reference for handcrafted luxury. From the 2017 is the official supplier for the Venice Carnival and is involved in the most important events held in the city. Distinguished for scientific research collaborates with Italian and European teachers and professors, help students and works with various institutions, including seven permanent exhibitions in Italian museums, offering not only the costume rental service, but also media supports for the complete realization of permanent and temporary exhibitions, for institutions such as the Milan Triennale, the Venice Biennale, as well as temporary exhibitions from South Korea to the United States. Often in the clothes of Atelier Pietro Longhi there are intertwined gold threads, real pearls and for a dress exhibited at Palazzo Pitti made for the Buccellati Foundation as many as 95 rhodium-plated brochures in pure gold. Thanks to the courageous acquisition of an informing machine over 100 years old and the passion for accessories of Anna, Francesco’s wife, after a restoration and updating of the technology to keep it working, the Pietro Longhi Atelier Hat Shop was born. Even today, the only one operating in the Veneto region, for over ten years has been supplying hats to re-enactors and collectors from all over Europe, thanks to the skill of Francesco and Anna.
Atelier Pietro Longhi in little more than 25 years of activity thanks to passion and research, has become an important reference for those who have made a lifestyle of the artisan quality of luxury.