Anna Zappella

There is no detail, there is no shape or proportion that Anna, when tackling a new creation, has not already imagined finished thanks to her immense creativity, approaching each creation with new solutions.
Anna Zappella is our milliner, although she prefers to be called a hatter. From military hats, which follow precise rules of size and decorations, to the most charming hairstyles for ladies of all eras, up to the most imaginative mise en tete, Anna’s creativity is the perfect complement for each costume created by Francesco.
Nothing is impossible for her. On request she has created gondola fixed on the top of a hat, with lights and inside sofas, or hats of exceptional sizes, with feathers, decorations, out of the ordinary colors that thanks to her innate good taste find perfect harmony!
In years of experience she has learned to manage the whims of the old machine that for over a century has been producing hats thanks to steam and wooden shapes that the hands of skilled carpenters have created following the indications of Anna who, having received the most disparate requests, knows how to approach difficulties and find solutions!
Then there are the creations that are born because she feels them inside himself … sometimes there are unfinished hats that for months wander around the factory. Particular shapes that Anna tried and when she decides that the time has come to finish them, when she feels them ready, she works on them tirelessly creating hats with timeless beauty, aided by pins of all sizes, irons with the most unexpected shapes, an inventiveness that knows no bounds.
If you are passionate about fashion, costume, beauty, you cannot miss having your hat made by Anna, and the experience can only be complete if you develop it together to thus have the opportunity to meet the artist who dresses yours ideas!