Carnival 2014

For the past two years, the most important appointment of the Venetian carnival are signed Atelier Pietro Longhi. The dress for the flight of the Eagle (Volo dell’ Aquila, tradition introduced by the great creative and artistic director of the Venice Carnival Davide Rampello), and the one for the “Maria” (medieval Venetian tradition recently shot by Bruno Tosi), are made by the wisend hands of Francesco Briggi. This year, at the request of the organizer of the carnival, have also made all the clothes of the twelve “Marie de tola. Costumes realized on the valuable collaboration of the most important textile manufacturing firm in the city, the Lorenzo Rubelli. But Francesco also creates a contemporary style: the precious dress worn by the Silver olimpionic medal Carolina Kostner, who the most important day of the Carnival of Venice flight from the bell tower of San Marco. An unforgettable spectacle, a train of more than four meters supported by a transparent crinoline flying on about hundred thousand people.

The Eagle’s video: The Maria’s video:

Two completely different costumes, a historian and a fantasy, which, thanks to the mind and hands of Francis Briggi become works to wear to represent the most important square in front of television channels in Italy and around the world, creativity and craftsmanship Venetian blinds.