Atelier Pietro Longhi’s chocolate: choices’ affairs!

It has become an untouchable tradition, the moment during carnival when friends share the experience of a moment of Beauty and Joy: the Atelier Pietro Longhi’s chocolate! We will be all protagonists of the Serenissima’s long story. Ladies who will tell stories absorbed among grotesques of 1500, stuccos of the 1600s, Baroque frescoes. We will spend the most beautiful day of the Venetian carnival in the most beautiful Renaissance private palace in the city, together with historical dancers, chocolate, golosessi and why not… Prosecco,. We are waiting for .You’ll be surprised of what you see in the most beautiful halls of the city: Nani Mocenigo Palace is the wonderful essence of Venice, as wonderful its guests are! The whole afternoon will cost € 80, and the historical costume is mandatory! Info and reservations:

We just want to have fun!

This year too Atelier Pietro Longhi is the partner of the official parties of the Venice Carnival! Eight evenings organized by the Official Carnival at Ca ‘Vendramin Calergi, the most beautiful building on the Grand Canal, where entertainment and an unforgettable dinner will be offered to the guests of the most famous carnival in the world! For special rates of Costumes renting, send by email the copy of Dinner reservation voucher to the addresses and

For those wishing to enjoy a more traditional and collectible alternative, a more intimate dinner will be offered by the Carlton Hotel on the Grand Canal where three evenings of fun in Venice will be organized. Three different themes to get to know three moments of Venetian life:

February 3rd

February 10th

February 11th

For those who will rent the dress for the event at our atelier, will be produced a voucher valid for a discount on admission to the evening!

Many offers, different prices, you can decide where to live the evenings of the Venice Carnival 2018!

“Storie di moda”: a story about fashion six hundred years old

Thanks to the successful collaboration between Francesco Briggi, owner and tailor of Atelier Pietro Longhi, Elisabetta Czarnocki Lucheschi, who opened his mansion and Dr. Raffaele Dessì, who has cared for the entire exhibition in the content and layout, is born the exhibition “Fashion’s stories” an exhibition that tells the story of Venice through some of the most important features of her material culture: clothing, porcelain, silverware and furniture that over the centuries have characterized the Venetian production in applied arts and related materials.
In 22 costumes, faithfully reproduced by Francesco Briggi from original documents or drawn from paintings by the most important Venetian painters, shows how the first trade and fashionable art were then the key engine for development and affirmation of Venetian myth from the Renaissance to this day.
In the furnished rooms of one of the oldest Venetian noble buildings, overlooking the Grand Canal and the largest Italian private garden belonging to a private family present in the city, it will tell a story that shows all aspects of Venetian life over time, including the more private and domestic ones.
The palace, located in Dorsoduro’s at 3197, will open its doors to the public on June 13, 2017 and for a year it will be available for visit of small groups with a specialized guide only by appointment by e-mail at:
Or by calling at
For single visitors, the show will be open every Friday from 10:00 to 15:30 with a fee of € 25.00 per person including a visit to the mansion and the exhibition “Fashion Stories”. As the palace still inhabited by the family you may encounter special arrangements that are part of the daily life of the mansion!

Atelier Pietro Longhi: where luxury is made

Until the end of November, if you go to the “Giardini della Biennale”, you will find Atelier’s Doge in the first hall of the Venice Pavilion. A pavilion of artisans immersed among artists, the Venice Pavilion was born to show the best of Venetian applied arts, and this year, thanks to the curator prof. Stefano Zecchi, luxury has taken up the space that deserves in the green Venetian heart. Luxury, an experience to live (
If you are in Venice by July 16, do not miss the Illy Hall at the “Magazzini del sale”! For now 25 years Illy supports contemporary art by calling famous designers to create their own art cup. Stylists, painters, sculptors, architects, artist in various fields are called to confront a small white surface that becomes artistic experience involving all the lovers of the best Italian coffee exported all over the world. This year, Robert Wilson, in celebration of the quarter of century, has designed 7 different halls, and Atelier Pietro Longhi for the second time was called to collaborate with this immense artist: go to the Zattere and immerse yourself in a fantastic world! (Http://
The Carnival of Venice and Atelier Pietro Longhi are now two realities that share the fundamental moments. Official events are accompanied by private ones, where Venetian craftsmanship is required. For the fifth time Francesco Briggi dressed the Carnival Eagle in collaboration with Diesel, the famous brand. But also the winner of the 2017 contest “Festa delle Marie” and the testimonial of the contest himself, Eva Riccobono, actress and model, with an awesome dress worthy of a true queen. In San Marco squere, the heart of Venice, for the whole carnival hosted a temporary atelier where Francesco showed the entire creative process of making a costume, from sketch to gown, demonstrating that there are still tailors able to really create a suit according to their own taste and capacity. Official Sponsor of all the Festivals in Ca ‘Vedramin Calergi Atelier Pietro Longhi dressed the official Carnival in Venice. Giving a moment in which the long history of Venetian fashion has met fantasy  andthe desire to have fun of today!
Another touching moment for us of the Atelier Pietro Longhi was a staging in the most important museum and study center on theater in Italy: Casa Goldoni. With the direction of Raffaele Dessì, who has been searching and combining several pieces of Goldonian comedies, creating a comedy about baroque fashion, and a lesson on Venetian clothing of the second half of 1700 held by Francesco Briggi in the Sensa’s day, the whole museum was animated showing to the Venetians a different look, bringing to the present the feeling and the weaknesses of 1700.
The art of Francesco Briggi knows no bounds. Two of the most important Italian reenactments, Florentine football and the famous grabs of Siena, from this year will bring the signature Atelier Pietro Longhi. Francesco was commissioned to remake the pants of the kickers and the costumes of the “family of the mayor” the representatives  of the city of Florence, in addition to the costumes of the contrada of the Tortuga of Siena. Where is the history there is Atelier Pietro Longhi!

A Very Merry Unbirthday to Us!

Any excuse is good to meet up in the most beautiful palaces of Venice. Come along to celebrate the greatest Carnival of the world with us!
This year we will meet in Ca’ Vedramin Calergi to enjoy our annual hot chocolate surrounded by live music, singers, actors, dancers.
This year the unmissable event that brings us together will begin the 27th of February at 4:00pm and close at 7:30pm.
And for those who would like to take part to one of the official dinners of the Venice Carnival we have a special price! The hot chocolate only is € 100.00, dinner only € 400.00, hot chocolate and dinner € 450.00!
As always, we are doing our best to organize an unforgettable carnival, do not hesitate to make your reservation! Please remember: carnival costume is compulsory!
See you soon
The Atelier Pietro Longhi staff
Thanks to the Makeup artist Samantha Peluso

Info and Booking:

Our 2016 – A year of growth and exclusivity

It looks like we made the latest update yesterday, and instead it’s been a year!
Summarize this year is even more difficult, because the Atelier Pietro Longhi is growing, with our friends who share our moments making them more and more unique and special.
This year the Atelier’s life has become more intense and exclusive. Private events that we followed from the creative direction to wear the guests we have seen in the most exclusive places in the city. Even Ducal Palace opened its doors, and with the collaboration of great artists from food to flowers, musicians and actors, we have created an event that has marked us deeply. A emotion which is added to those of the carnival: see the archangel worn by Saturnino which descends from the bell tower playning the Behetowen’s “ode to joy”, creating a moment of true peace and unity in the heart of the most beautiful square in the world , with thousands of people watching to the sky in unison and singing the famous hymns. And what about the memory of a special relationship with the Square, with Francis who realized in front of a large audience an entire dress? He first drawn and then cut to fine silks Rubelli, while Marisa Convento decorated it with glass microbeads polychrome, lace-makers were preparing the bonnet, the shoemaker shoes: a team effort, which has reproduced a real old tailor’s shop under the eyes of all the people in the square, to show how much the Venetian tradition is still alive and strong. So alive that it can be exported around the world and we find Francesco and Anna Maria Briggi in major re-enactments events, to the Venetian craftsmanship. A quality that has been recognized in three releases this year guides, which are in addition to the others in which we are present from many years.
A tradition that wear guests from all over the world in public and private events in the most beautiful city palaces: Palazzo Papadopoli, the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista, the Palazzo Pisani Moretta, the “Ridotto” of the Hotel Monaco, but also the culture of fashion. Three meetings of worldwide interest have seen Atelier Poietro Longhi among the speakers: one for the Venetian Fashion Night, during which Atelier Pietro Longhi followed some meetings on fashion and history of the oldest weaving in this city, one for “Carnet des Vojages” a cultural event which saw over 80 artists convey on Venice to show parts of their world, and one for Rubelli, fabrics producers with a strong history and a great orientation to the future. To these are added the public presentations of work done for different institutions that, thanks to Atelier Pietro Longhi are slowly recovering filologicità in their historical parades.
2017 full of adventures is waiting for us, we could deal only tahtnks to the support of our friends from all over the world cheering for us. And this is the most important thing we have to say about 2016: thanks to those who allows us to conquer each day to even greater heights!

A great 2015 – A period of activities and successes

Summarize in eight images a period so intense for the Atelier Pietro Longhi is so difficult! We can start from participation at the exhibition “Treasures of the Buccellati’s Foundation “: the halls of Palazzo Pitti welcomed a costume made by Francesco Briggi, replica of a dress worn by Eleonora de’ Medici represented in a portrait by Pourbus the Younger.
In a sacred place for the history of Italian fashion, among the creations of fine jewelry, representing the Italian jewelry, the historical workshop of Atelier Pietro Longhi, synonymous of culture, rediscover the everyday dimension of luxury in the first half of the XVIth cent.

Venice is carnival, and Atelier Pietro Longhi is Venice! Also this year the Eagle of the Venice carnival was dressed by Francesco Briggi. A unique experience, a super woman with her courage and enthusiasm has involved all of us. The beauty comes from the soul, born from the look, the smile. Giusy Versace is pure beauty, her enthusiasm is contagious! Wearing a costume designed and made by Francesco Briggi she flyed from the 80 meters of the San Marco’s bell tower to a crowd that awaited her joyfully. An example of courage, love and freedom, represented by the colors chosen by the artistic director of the carnival of Venice, Davide Rampello, refering to the discreet but big innovator of Renaissance’s art: Lorenzo Lotto. The creativity of Francesco Briggi was entirely expressed realising the dress that closed the Venice Carnival 2015: the Empress of China combined with a Venetian noblewoman of the Middle Ages. Haute couture , precious materials produced in the lagoon, gave life to an exclusive dress that represent the meeting of two cultures wich continues over hundred of years and on which Venice has built its greatness. The Maria of the Carnival of Venice 2015 represent not only the continuity of venetian traditions, the pure spirit of Venice , the beauty of the lagoon, but also a meeting of cultures which in the hands of Francesco Briggi from an idea becomes reality.

Atelier Pietro Longhi is not only the official aspect of the city of Venice and its culture. Is also the life in the palaces, the famous events fulfill to come true the dreams of the visitors of the Serenissima. Palazzo Papadopoli, Palazzo Pisani Moretta, the new Marriott or a private yacht different places, different directions and artists involved because the dream is always different! The Atelier Pietro Longhi’s staff does not work to realize their dreams, but to give life to the ones that, from all over the world, comes in the city where everithing can come true!

“Ventennale” – 20 years of Atelier Pietro Longhi

Some speeches are made with the heart, like that of Francesco Briggi that, after twenty years, thanked those who supported him in the realization of a dream called Atelier Pietro Longhi


Good evening everyone and welcome. Here we are. The ten years that separate us from the first ten years of the birth of the Atelier Pietro Longhi have passed almost without realizing it. Twenty years and prove it! This phrase summarizes the history of the Atelier. I always thought that the goal of the first ten years was for me, for us, a goal desirable but not so obvious. Be here after twenty years makes me happy! Many things have changed, many things we have done, undone and rebuilt. Many times starting from scratch: inauguration in a small shop, then the big show room, then the division of productive workshop from the store, with the birth of a real hat factory, the prestigious tailoring in Zeno Palace, and finally, after yet another relocation and restoration, the last lay that I hope is definitive: the mainland and the lagoon. As for the ancient Venetian: lagoon represente the official soul of the atelier, the mainland is the productive and dynamic area.


To speak of the Atelier Pietro Longhi I use the plural. This should not seem like a “plural majestatis”, but it is the knowledge that my dream come true because it was shared and supported by all those who have collaborated in various ways to the growth and dissemination of the history of fashion, clothing and culture Venetian, Italian, within and beyond our borders.


I will not thank enough Anna, for her patience and sharing everything about the Atelier Pietro Longhi. Her role as hatter (crazy!) is unassailable as well as wife, counselor, mother, cook, vivandiere, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It is said that behind every great man there is always a great woman. Well I can confirm with absolute conviction. Without her, my dream would never come true and my gratitude go to her for what he has done, is doing and will continue to do. My family, fortunately always supported me. My mother taught me what he had learned from his mother and aunts. Has always followed me, as a child, making up suit like Zorro, Sandokan, obviously not to wear in carnival period as evidenced by the photos in our old photo albums! And of course I would like to thank all of you! You that tonight celebrate this milestone with us but every day support us and make sense to our sacrifices and work!

September / November 2014 – Great events

From September to today the Atelier Pietro Longhi has been involved in many events. Thanks to the experience and the quality of the customs that are continually realized by Francesco Briggi we take part in events from Italy to France to Germany. A short trip for images that will bring us to the Baroque Convivio (“Gareggiare dei Convivi”, further information on, to the court of Josephine de Beauhamais Bonaparte in Rueil Malmaison ( to Ludwigsburg, Fulda, Lugano (“Les Ambassadeurs des Artes” conference hold by Swiss Luxury Culture Management) and to the now affirmed event that is held in concomitance to the historical Regatta in Venice: “Back to 1910”

“E2 for the love of art”

A successful collaboration between different artists, recreating the spirit of the academy where everyone can contribute in creating timeless art, is the project E2’s For The Love of Art. The brainchild of Elizabeth Kleinveld and Epaul Julien was born, therefore, a project where the love for the art is shared with other artists up to create works of art while respecting the classical canon reproduce current topics. The diversity and acceptance, the exchange of roles, a search for identity after centuries finds its dimension. The unique shots of Mauro Fiorese, one of the most famous itlaina photographer, costumes by Francesco Briggi come together to create what you have in mind E2. A project appreciated by one of the largest Italian critics of contemporary art, Francesca Pini, who fascinated by the work of this novel academy, dedicated an article to the project on his column in “Seven” magazine deepening of the Corriere della Sera.

Atelier Pietro Longhi: Venetian culture in the world June 2014

Always Atelier Pietro Longhi and culture are synonymous. Culture in fun, creating, in the production of art. Francis Briggi”is able to make only” wonderful costumes and from around the world comes in Italy, today as five hundred years ago, artists and experts in the field who want to try the unique experience of use or wear creations Atelier Pietro Longhi. To carry on a tradition that has its roots in the “costumes”, in the “mores”, that represent the history of man, and a simple ornament his atelier is also involved in the training of young costume designers, historians and enthusiasts who attend intensive workshops is that the history of costume to know and recognize shapes that change and with them the story … An ongoing commitment, that the last time he saw us involved with the association Venetians in the world, the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, in a project supported by the Veneto Region, and in the room more representative, at the hands of. dr. Vecchione, director of policy and international cooperation in the Veneto Region, presented the diplomas to the three who attend the course. A well-rounded program, therefore, where the theory is the practice, not forgetting that the fashion of the universe there is always an idea!

In the picture: ceremony of the diplomas, with dr. Vecchiato for Regione Veneto, Francesco Briggi founder of Atelier Pietro Longhi, dr. Moretto for the Association Venetians in the world, dr. Raffaele Dessì for Atelier Pietro Longhi and the students from Montenegro.

Carnival 2014

For the past two years, the most important appointment of the Venetian carnival are signed Atelier Pietro Longhi. The dress for the flight of the Eagle (Volo dell’ Aquila, tradition introduced by the great creative and artistic director of the Venice Carnival Davide Rampello), and the one for the “Maria” (medieval Venetian tradition recently shot by Bruno Tosi), are made by the wisend hands of Francesco Briggi. This year, at the request of the organizer of the carnival, have also made all the clothes of the twelve “Marie de tola. Costumes realized on the valuable collaboration of the most important textile manufacturing firm in the city, the Lorenzo Rubelli. But Francesco also creates a contemporary style: the precious dress worn by the Silver olimpionic medal Carolina Kostner, who the most important day of the Carnival of Venice flight from the bell tower of San Marco. An unforgettable spectacle, a train of more than four meters supported by a transparent crinoline flying on about hundred thousand people.

The Eagle’s video: The Maria’s video:

Two completely different costumes, a historian and a fantasy, which, thanks to the mind and hands of Francis Briggi become works to wear to represent the most important square in front of television channels in Italy and around the world, creativity and craftsmanship Venetian blinds.

Private Events – February / March 2014

From February to today’s APL has directed a number of events, some of which we have decided to publish in our news. The annual chocolate (organized into the halls of one of the oldest buildings in the city of Venice, the only still inhabited by the family who founded it in XIVcent) is one of them. In the same room halls of Palazzo Zeno you can see from the Russian artist Mikhail Kemiachin to US journalist Jennifer Ecclestone, together to share the excitement with friends at least once a year, gather around the atelier! Another touching moment was set in the magnificent Palazzo Papadopoli on the Grand Canal in Venice Amman Resort. Just restored opened its doors for an exclusive and unforgettable evening of culture, under the direction of Raffaele Dessi for Atelier Pietro Longhi. Strong emotion was seeing a part of the procession of the Doge within one of the areas most representative of European culture, the cloisters of the Palladian church of San Giorgio Island. APL was guests of the Foundation that still manages these unique spaces of history and beauty. Dancing, playing, singing in places where clothes created by Francis Briggi find the perfect proportions an event to impress guests, as five hundred years ago … Celebration in Venice is synonymous with the Palazzo Pisani Moretta: here we are, with an ensemble of musicians from all over the world, to provide not only the clothes but also the ministry of hospitality and entertainment … These are just some of the memories of which the main characters are guests wearing the clothes of the Atelier Pietro Longhi enter a dimension where dreams and reality coexist.
Small videos of the night in San Giorgio Island:


Since January 2014 at the request of the last private theater that still lives and survives in Venice saving the tradition that saw hundreds of rooms in 1700 have disappeared, we have moved our costume’s exhibition from the halls of the Palazzo Zen in the foyer of the “Teatro San Gallo.” In the heart of the city, behind the Piazza San Marco, we have set up an exhibition that traces the history of Venetian fashion, in the same theater where, every day, is staging a presentation on the history of the Venetian Republic. A reference constant between clothes and suggestions, open from 10:00 to 19:00. For info and reservations costs: Thanks to this performance and commitment of the staff of the Atelier Pietro Longhi began an important collaboration with the agency Abercrombie & Kent, who for the past two years has added exposure in the program of visits to the city of Venice.

(Italiano) Marc Adrian: Beauty in Venice

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.


In questi ultimi due mesi siamo stati coinvolti in tre produzioni: una per una casa di produzione americana per il lancio di una nuova macchina da presa digitale, una per la realizzazione di un video da proiettare all’interno di un museo che sarà entro breve aperto a Padova, ed una che ha come protagonista l’atelier stesso e la sua capacità di creare arte. Ecco alcune immagini, per i video potete visitare il nostro profilo facebook!

“The Holidays”, November 1st, 2nd and 3rd – Ca’ Marcello

It will be a unique, wonderful experience to be lived with Atelier Pietro Longhi thanks to the hospitality of Counts Marcello and cooperation of Dr. Marone. For three days we will be guests in the century-old family home, to give birth to a re-enactment in Baroque style.

Glimpse at different times of day in the country with a European aristocratic family: waking up, breakfast, concerts, the theater, the gala dinners, dancing, and even the relaxing and reading in the historic library…

We are looking forward to receiving you on November 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
For more informations you can download the PDF or sense an email to

“Back to 1910” – 1st September 2013

Re-enacting day organized in collaboration Hotel Ca’ Nigra Lagoon Resort to see the “Regata Storica” from one of the most beautiful garden of the city of Venice.

We will be guests of Costantino Nigra and his entourage to live one day in the 1910.

Info & reservations:

“The old woman”, Festival dei due mondi – Spoleto, 12-15 july 2013

Directed by Robert Wilson, with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Willelm Dafoe, Francesco Briggi realized accessories for the two protagonist of the Danill Kahrms’s short story adapted by Darryl Pinckney.

XI Valistusajan Kulttufestivaali “Les Lumières”, Helsinki, 10-16 june 2013

Directed by Marja Rumpunen, patronage by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, Svenska Kultur Fonden, Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Finlandia.

Music: Venice Baroque Orchestra directed by Andrea Marcon
Soprano solo: Ruth Rosique
Dance: choreographies and dance by doct. Raffaele Dessì

For one of the more important baroque events of the north countries, Atelier Pietro Longhi gives costumes and technical advices for dances and choreographies performed during the two-days event in Suomenlinna and Ritahriuonne, Helsinki.

“Venice-The eternal Dream”, Kutnà Hora, 27 april – 30 june 2013

Exhibition in GASK Museum supported by the Embassy of Italy in Prague, The Italian Cultural Institute in Prague, the Central Bohemian Regional Office, the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Venice, the Council of Tourism City of Venice.

An exhibition of photographs about carnival in Kutnà Hora (Unesco world heritage site) where Atelier Pietro Longhi gives costumes to show the culture of Carnival through centuries.