Best warranty we can give for the re-enactors products made by Francesco Briggi is the quantity of customers all over the world, from Russia to USA, who buy Atelier’s Pietro Longhi products, from the little hand made accessory to the full’s Pietro Longhi’s products.Following his natural inclination Francesco is specialized in making uniforms, but his passion for living history (began in Marengo 2000) include also civilians, from middle ages till beginning of XXth Century.

Often Francesco organize re-enactment events, giving to his friends the possibility to live different experiences with a common fil rouge: philology. Due this experience Atelier Pietro Longhi is now involved on organization or costume’s supply for museum and temporary collection as well as collaborations with ancient institution like: “Associazione Calcio Storico Fiorentino”, “Dama di Conegliano”, “La Festa del Duca, Urbino”.

History, culture, artisan artworks come together in Atelier’s Pietro Longhi’s products.