Uniqueness is the Atelier Pietro Longhi’s events philosophy Our creativity and genius find a natural completeness on events where costume take life wear by our friend and customers.

You can find Francesco and his staff’s spirit in each event organized by Atelier Pietro Longhi. Not only costumes, but also a theme, a full direction, guest’s welcoming present, music and orchestra selection, a different entertainment following theme’s and patron’s needs.

Who need our help in organizing an event doesn’t simply look for luxury, but for an unforgettable experience where beauty, elegance, class and glam are mixed on a stage where all guests are protagonists.Dreams becomes true thanking to an experience 20 years long and an unlimited fantasy. That’s our ability: create a dream long one night. One night out of time, where time have no time, memories last a life.


Best warranty we can give for the re-enactors products made by Francesco Briggi is the quantity of customers all over the world, from Russia to USA, who buy Atelier’s Pietro Longhi products, from the little hand made accessory to the full’s Pietro Longhi’s products.Following his natural inclination Francesco is specialized in making uniforms, but his passion for living history (began in Marengo 2000) include also civilians, from middle ages till beginning of XXth Century.

Often Francesco organize re-enactment events, giving to his friends the possibility to live different experiences with a common fil rouge: philology. Due this experience Atelier Pietro Longhi is now involved on organization or costume’s supply for museum and temporary collection as well as collaborations with ancient institution like: “Associazione Calcio Storico Fiorentino”, “Dama di Conegliano”, “La Festa del Duca, Urbino”.

History, culture, artisan artworks come together in Atelier’s Pietro Longhi’s products.

Mission & Philosophy

A real artisan in a real workshop: this is Atelier Pietro Longhi’s uniqueness.
By appointment, in a vine in the Venetian’s mainland, you can meet Francesco Briggi, the tailor who realizes all the costumes of the Atelier Pietro Longhi.

The correct definition of our products is historicals suits, dresses and accessories. Reproductions inspired by paintings Francesco sees in museums.

Our fashion designers are Michelangelo, Raffaello, Boucher, Hogarth, David, interpreted by mr. Briggi’s genius and creativity.All our creations are unique, as unique is the experience to see and wear them.

You can find Atelier Pietro Longhi’s products all over the world. Famous artists, fashion and costume designers come in our workshop to realize customized clothes and accessories.

Our customers are collectors, museums, incentive agencies, re-enactors.

You can visit by appointment our atelier.The best warranty we can give of our hand made crafts is a visit in our workshop in the Venetian country side and the unique know-how you can recognize in each Atelier Pietro Longhi’s creation.

It’s our work: transform your wishes in reality.