Atelier Pietro Longhi: where luxury is made

Until the end of November, if you go to the “Giardini della Biennale”, you will find Atelier’s Doge in the first hall of the Venice Pavilion. A pavilion of artisans immersed among artists, the Venice Pavilion was born to show the best of Venetian applied arts, and this year, thanks to the curator prof. Stefano Zecchi, luxury has taken up the space that deserves in the green Venetian heart. Luxury, an experience to live (
If you are in Venice by July 16, do not miss the Illy Hall at the “Magazzini del sale”! For now 25 years Illy supports contemporary art by calling famous designers to create their own art cup. Stylists, painters, sculptors, architects, artist in various fields are called to confront a small white surface that becomes artistic experience involving all the lovers of the best Italian coffee exported all over the world. This year, Robert Wilson, in celebration of the quarter of century, has designed 7 different halls, and Atelier Pietro Longhi for the second time was called to collaborate with this immense artist: go to the Zattere and immerse yourself in a fantastic world! (Http://
The Carnival of Venice and Atelier Pietro Longhi are now two realities that share the fundamental moments. Official events are accompanied by private ones, where Venetian craftsmanship is required. For the fifth time Francesco Briggi dressed the Carnival Eagle in collaboration with Diesel, the famous brand. But also the winner of the 2017 contest “Festa delle Marie” and the testimonial of the contest himself, Eva Riccobono, actress and model, with an awesome dress worthy of a true queen. In San Marco squere, the heart of Venice, for the whole carnival hosted a temporary atelier where Francesco showed the entire creative process of making a costume, from sketch to gown, demonstrating that there are still tailors able to really create a suit according to their own taste and capacity. Official Sponsor of all the Festivals in Ca ‘Vedramin Calergi Atelier Pietro Longhi dressed the official Carnival in Venice. Giving a moment in which the long history of Venetian fashion has met fantasy  andthe desire to have fun of today!
Another touching moment for us of the Atelier Pietro Longhi was a staging in the most important museum and study center on theater in Italy: Casa Goldoni. With the direction of Raffaele Dessì, who has been searching and combining several pieces of Goldonian comedies, creating a comedy about baroque fashion, and a lesson on Venetian clothing of the second half of 1700 held by Francesco Briggi in the Sensa’s day, the whole museum was animated showing to the Venetians a different look, bringing to the present the feeling and the weaknesses of 1700.
The art of Francesco Briggi knows no bounds. Two of the most important Italian reenactments, Florentine football and the famous grabs of Siena, from this year will bring the signature Atelier Pietro Longhi. Francesco was commissioned to remake the pants of the kickers and the costumes of the “family of the mayor” the representatives  of the city of Florence, in addition to the costumes of the contrada of the Tortuga of Siena. Where is the history there is Atelier Pietro Longhi!