Atelier Pietro Longhi: Venetian culture in the world June 2014

Always Atelier Pietro Longhi and culture are synonymous. Culture in fun, creating, in the production of art. Francis Briggi”is able to make only” wonderful costumes and from around the world comes in Italy, today as five hundred years ago, artists and experts in the field who want to try the unique experience of use or wear creations Atelier Pietro Longhi. To carry on a tradition that has its roots in the “costumes”, in the “mores”, that represent the history of man, and a simple ornament his atelier is also involved in the training of young costume designers, historians and enthusiasts who attend intensive workshops is that the history of costume to know and recognize shapes that change and with them the story … An ongoing commitment, that the last time he saw us involved with the association Venetians in the world, the Chamber of Commerce of Venice, in a project supported by the Veneto Region, and in the room more representative, at the hands of. dr. Vecchione, director of policy and international cooperation in the Veneto Region, presented the diplomas to the three who attend the course. A well-rounded program, therefore, where the theory is the practice, not forgetting that the fashion of the universe there is always an idea!

In the picture: ceremony of the diplomas, with dr. Vecchiato for Regione Veneto, Francesco Briggi founder of Atelier Pietro Longhi, dr. Moretto for the Association Venetians in the world, dr. Raffaele Dessì for Atelier Pietro Longhi and the students from Montenegro.