Soul of Venice

Summarizing the passion, culture and craftsmanship of different artists in a short film is not a simple thing; Tiemo Weidmann succeeded: the hands of Francesco Briggi created a baroque costume using Rubelli fabrics, of which both manual and mechanical looms were shown, lace from Martina Vidal, the most important manufacturer of Venetian lace, a hat specially made by Anna Zappella, the hatter of the Atelier Pietro Longhi.

To complete the dream of the Venetian guest, the actress Bettina Andriolo, Francesca Ceccamore of Kartaruga created a Bauta and finally Nardi, the only Venetian high jewelery atelier, lent some spectacular jewels inspired by originals preserved in the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, demonstrating that already in 1700 the carnival was inspiration to produce unique pieces!

Perfect places to describe Venice’s soul in all its eras are the Heureka hotel, where tradition meets contemporary design, and the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, the symbolic building of the Venetian Renaissance.

Thus a perfect concert was born, thanks to the harmony whose soul is Venice with its beauty.

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