“In the heart of
oldest Venice,
between Frari Church
and Rialto Bridge,
a stronghold of
Venetian tradition
and culture.”


  • Alice ed il Cappellaio Matto

    A Very Merry Unbirthday to Us!

    Any excuse is good to meet up in the most beautiful palaces of Venice. (...)
  • Corteo città di Noale

    Our 2016

    It looks like we made the latest update yesterday, and instead it's been a year! (...)
  • The beautiful “Maria” of the Carnival of Venice 2015 in Piazza San Marco

    A great 2015

    Summarize in eight images a period so intense for the Atelier Pietro Longhi is so difficult! (...)
  • Ventennale dell'Atelier Pietro Longhi

    Twenty Years

    Some speeches are made with the heart, like that of Francesco Briggi that, after twenty years, thanked those who supported him in the realization of a dream called Atelier Pietro Longhi (...)
  • Settembre / Novembre 2014

    “September / November 2014”

    From September to today the Atelier Pietro Longhi has been involved in many events. (...)